Minimal Retouching - Children’s Portrait retouching for children,

ages infant–12 years old (sizes wallet to 8x10)

Basic Retouch - Retouching for up to 20x24 portrait.

Basic retouch service includes as necessary, minor blemishes removed,

soften lines on face, remove stray hairs, whiten teeth, make eyes sparkle,

minor corrections on background and clothing.

Full Retouch - Required for images over 20x24. Additional retouching and corrections that makes people look how they think they look. Full retouch

service includes as necessary, remove braces, smooth out turkey necks, fill in bald spots, open eyes more.

Custom Retouching - Custom retouch service includes as necessary,

straighten smiles, major retouching on faces, addition or subtraction of

subject, expression swaps, background change, straightening and corrections

on clothing. Custom retouching also includes painting with shadow, light,

and color to give your subjects a sculpted look.

Artists Print - Includes custom colors and filters to give portrait an

Art Print quality. Includes a custom print up to 16x20 on fine art paper.

Painter Enhanced Image - Your image digitally enhanced using Painter.

I do not use auto painting, each image is completely re-stroked by hand in

Painter by me. No outsourcing. I pay attention to every stroke I make so that

you get a true a true artist rendered digital painting to present to your client.

Remake from a scanned negative - It is painful to get large canvases

returned faded after just a few short years. I can retouched your scanned

negative to match as closely as possible the retouching on the original print.

Custom Colors & Effects - Sepia tones, Duo tones, Custom Black & White, Denim Wash, and many more custom color tones and effects.

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