Studio Share Information Intro rate $50 per hour.

Studio Usage Includes:

Assistance with the following:

1. Set-up and Tear-down.

2. Light metering, Lighting pattern and ratio set-up (meter available).

3. White balancing with gray card or expo disc (both available here).

4. Posing, hair and clothing check.

5. Lighting adjusments and changes.

6. Background,Prop set-up, changes and adjustments.

Use of the following equipment and props

1. Set of 3 Photogenic lights and stands.

a. 2 Photogenic 1250 DR

b. 1 Photogenic 300 DR background lig ht and background reflector.

2. Set of 2 Photogenic economy lights suitable for background, hair and accent lights etc.

3. Softboxes

a. 5’ Photoflex Octodome.

b. 16x20 Photoflex Halfdome striplight.

c. 2’x3’ generic softbox.

4. Misc. umbrellas and reflectors.                     

5. Pocket Wizard set for strobe trigger.

6. Wescot 6 in 1 refector kit.

7. Reflector stand.

8. Larson 42"X72" Reflector super Silver

9. Over 15 backgrounds

a. Numerous muslin backgrounds.

b. Several canvas backdrops.

c. Numerous fantasy cloths.

d. Denny true black backgoung cloth, white diamond cloth.

c. 9’ White and 9’ Gray seamless paper backgrounds.

d. Denny flexdrop reversable green/blue screen.

10. Over 75 fabrics to use.

11. Misc draperies to hang.

12. Adjustable posing stool, black cane chair, tall stool, wood bench.

13. Tripod, posing blocks, clamps and other misc. items and tools.

14. Assortment of silk flowers.

15. Park bench, and pillars, and other misc props.

16. Assortment of props for children.

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